Welcome to my little space on the web, where I share with you all my colorful creations, invite you into my obsession with fonts and vector images, and share the many web designs I pulled together for business entrepreneurs like yourselves.

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My name is Cassondra. I am a 21 year old woman, who spends her time dreaming of the next big thing. I love to learn about all sorts of things, which is sort of how I started out on this – adventure – about three years ago, hesitantly. I didn’t know anything about web design, blogging, or that I could ever help others in areas I felt clueless in.

Right after my homeschool graduation, I was sort of forced into trying out this thing called “blogging”. I’ve always been a good writer, so the writing isn’t what was holding me back…it was the fact that who would ever want to listen to what an eighteen year old, homeschool graduate had to say about anything? Well, I was proven wrong and actually grew quite well…once I sort of knew what I was doing, of course. And guess what? I actually realized I was good at it. Not the writing, but the graphic design and technical stuff. I was so excited to have found my “thing”.

In July of 2015, I helped a very special blogger put together her own blog conference and found that I really liked mentoring other people and showing them (hands-on) how to fix something on their blog or make it look a little bit more the way they wanted their website to look.

When I am not doing graphic design, blogging, or mentoring, you could probably find me around my home located in Richmond, VA or perhaps out playing a round of golf with my family. I also like to hang out with my friends, go on walks, and shoot some awesome pictures with my DSLR camera. Once in a while I get a real bad hankering to do some big DIY project, which of course I have to document to share on my other blog.

Please enjoy looking around my site and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me via email at: cassondra@beyondtheblogger.com