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As a blogger who doesn’t have a family of my own to care for (yet) I didn’t know how much I could learn from this e-book, seeing how it was geared more towards Christian mommy bloggers, but I was sure that I could glean some of the fabulous ideas for managing my time from a bigger blogger and at the same to grow my blog.

When I began reading the new e-book, Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home, I was expecting something like: “I do this, this, and this, and that is how I have grown my blog!” But what I got from it was something way beyond that…

Growing your blog while managing your home e-book:

The e-book had four parts to it:

  • Part 1: Creating a Vision and Maintaining a Schedule
  • Part 2: Content and Design
  • Part 3: Growth and Monetization
  • Part 4: Logistics and Legalities

Creating a Vision and Maintaining a Schedule:

This section of the e-book really spoke to me. It really made me sit back and wonder how much time I really invest in my IRL relationships versus the time I invest in my blogging. I love my blogs. They are my (virtual) babies, but am I spending more time with these “material children” than with my own family? I loved how Jacinda put into prospective how a Christian blogger should prioritize the things in her life and yet, still have a growing blog!

Her schedule that she shares is pretty awesome, too!

Just a glimpse of what is all covered in Part 1 of Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home

  • To Blog Or Not To Blog? That Is The Question
  • Setting Priorities
  • Time-Saving Home Management Tips
  • This Is My Schedule, And I’m Sticking To It
  • Efficiently Managing Your Time Online

Content and Design:

Most all of us bloggers know that Content is King.  Jacinda gives some valuable pointers as to what you should do for your blog to make it ready to grow and to make it appealing to visitors. She also gives you some handy tips to making your sidebars look BEAUTIFUL!

“Content is the meat of any blog; it’s what keeps people coming back. If you don’t have content, you don’t have a blog. If you provide quality content, the battle’s half over, and your site is well on its way to becoming a favorite.” – Jacinda Vandenburg, author of Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home

I love how she emphasized that we need to be original with our own voice. We don’t have to be Ann Voskamp or Sally Mae, because our readers want to hear what we have to say, which is why they come to our blog. Be unique.

A peak into Part 2 of Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home:

  • Content is King
  • Originality
  • Titles
  • Engagement
  • Photos
  • Design is Queen
  • Platform
  • Simplicity
  • Color
  • Navigation
  • Call to Action, and MORE!!

Growing your blog while managing your home |

Growth and Monetization:

Once you have a schedule, good content, and a beautiful design, you are now ready to grow your blog! Jacinda gives a few examples of how to do this, such as: linking parties, commenting, guest posting, etc. She gives you tips of how to grow your reach on Social Media, build your subscriber list, run giveaways on your blog, and giving you an idea of how to continue to grow your blog by posting often! Then it is on to making money with affiliates, advertising and more!

A peek into Part 3 of Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home:

  • How to Grow Your Blog
  • Guest Posting
  • Facebook
  • Community
  • Posting Frequency
  • Making Money with Affiliates
  • Making Money with Ebooks
  • Making Money with Advertisers

Logistics and Legalities:

Once you are a big enough blog you will begin to receive some “hate mail”. I wish this wasn’t a fact, but it is true. Jacinda gives you encouragement and tips to face some of those ugly stuff with grace and firmness. You might even face your first experience of someone stealing your content, but with this e-book, you will have the general knowledge of how to deal with it. Then you need to take care of the nasty five-letter-word…TAXES.

A peek into Part 4 of Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home:

  • Dealing with the Nay-Sayers
  • What To Do When Someone Steals Your Content
  • Legal Stuff
  • Copyrights
  • Disclosures
  • Disclaimers
  • Taxes

When I was asked to review this e-book in exchange for a free one, I was ready and willing, because I knew I needed to learn to manage my time. I had no idea that what my take-away was going to be like, but I don’t regret it one bit!

If you are a Christian mommy blogger, or even just a Christian blogger, this e-book could help you get through a whole bunch or stuff. It could also be a life-saver and/or a breath of fresh air.

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