The Retainer Fee

A retainer fee is sort of like a monthly subscription to ME and where you can call on me anytime for assistance for the retainer package you purchased.
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Monthly Assistance

Imagine having help you can contact all month long to get things done.


Don’t stress about those technical needs anymore…you have me to help!


I do my absolute best to communicate with you throughout your projects.

Retainer Packages

My retainer package offers you the ability to reserve a dedicated amount of my time monthly so that you put your focus on more important things that will help you grow and conquer your business.


Blog Maintenance
  • Monthly Blog Backup
  • Updates for themes & plugins
  • Add up to 3 new plugins a month


1 Hour
  • Bi-Weekly Blog Backup
  • Monthly Updates of theme and plugins
  • Add up to 3 new plugins a month
  • 30 minutes of tech help (what do I offer?)


3 Hours
  • Weekly Blog Backup
  • +Monthly Updates of themes & plugins
  • +Add up to 3 new plugins
  • Tech help (what do I offer?)
  • 6 graphics (your size dimensions)
  • Zippy Course Maintenance
  • Newsletter Manager (4 max)*

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a retainer fee work?
The retainers are invoiced on a monthly basis – for the month ahead. I send you a time sheet each month which clearly outlines how many hours I have worked on your projects during that month. If I work under the set amount of time one month the extra time does not roll over. If I work over the set amount of time I would just issue another invoice for the extra amount, which will be the hourly rate of $15. I will inform you before you go over your limit.
What if I don't have what you want?
If you do not see a service that you would like to see if I can do in place on some of the things listed (I do not do Facebook or Pinterest), please contact me and I will reply back at my earliest availability.
Does unused time roll over?
Unused time does not roll over.
Do you have limited time slots?
Yes, I currently do have limited time slots. I will let you know when I am full and give you the option to be put on a waiting list.
How do you backup my blog?
I use the plugin Xcloner on my personal sites, however if you have a preferred method of backing up your site, I will more than be happy to use your preference.

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