My Service Terms

Please understand that I am a person, just like you. Although I love working with clients of Beyond the Blogger, I have a life outside of this business and I cannot put business things first in everything. If for some reason something happens with my family or personal life, I will put that first. I will be sure to communicate with you through email and let you know of any delays that might take place. My goal is to never leave you hanging, so I will do my best to answer your emails no later than 48 hours after you email me.

For blog designs, you will be provided up to 3 drafts of your header. I generally will not proceed with a design until the header is 100% squared away, and will not rework an entire blog design after all design elements have been completed and agreed upon by the client.  Additional designs will be available at a client rate of $15/hour.

For logos, you will be provided unlimited drafts, within reason, of course. (I do reserve the right to determine what qualifies as “within reason” and what does not.)

For CreateSpace formatting, you will be provided with up to 4 drafts of your book. I am not responsible for any editing problems found once your book has been approved. If you find typos or grammatical errors once you have received your proof, you may notify me for a personal quote of how much it will cost, based on the number of edits.

For ebook or CreateSpace covers, you will be provided up to 3 drafts of your cover. Once you have approved your draft I will send you the high resolution file, any further edits will have an additional fee of $8.

For business card/postcard designs, you will be provided up to 3 drafts. After you have approved of your draft and I send you the high resolution file, any further edits will have an additional fee of $5.

I uphold the copyright of photographers and other blog and logo designers as well. By sending me images to use on your order, you agree to take full responsibility for any misuse of copyrighted images and agree to not hold me liable for any misuse of copyrighted images.

Blog/Website design elements are protected by copyright and property of Beyond the Blogger. All design elements are not to be shared, copied, or altered, or used outside of the blog design without my consent.

Any and all personal information will be kept private between the client and Beyond the Blogger. For blog designs, I will need you to add me as an administrator to your blog/website, which you can do within your WordPress Dashboard, under “Users”.

Design Credit
I will place “Designed by: Beyond the Blogger” at the bottom of each of my the blogs/websites I designed. By hiring me, you are agreeing to leave the credit on the bottom of your blog or website until ALL elements of my design have been removed.

Because I am not in the business of working for free, I will not issue a full refund once any services have been rendered. You will be charged a deposit, see below for details. Please allow up to one week to receive your refund via Paypal.

For blog designs & websites, refunds are available as follows:
-If you have been placed on my wait list and I have NOT begun working on your design, and you decide not to have me design your blog/website, you may be refunded the total you paid, minus a $25 processing and scheduling fee.
-If I have begun working on your design based off of your detailed questionnaire and have sent you a preview, I do not usually allow for refunds. I will make an exception if the preview I sent you does not have all the things you have sent me through your questionnaire. If there is a problem, please email me and we can figure something out.


For logos, if no high resolution files have been sent but proofs have been designed and approved by you, after one full week, you may be refunded up to 50% for the incomplete project.

For CreateSpace formatting, if after you have received your fourth draft and it still does not meet your expectation you may be refunded up to 35% of the first installment. Another instance: If CreateSpace will NOT accept the formatting (I will send you up to 3 file corrections) and the corrections I make still does not make a difference, you may be refunded up to 50% of the full payment.  (I will continue to help you until you get approved by CreateSpace, even after refund.)

For ebook/CreateSpace covers, refunds will be given only for special circumstances.

For business cards/postcards, refunds will be given only for special circumstances.

I keep a file of your card, logo, ebook/Createspace cover, CreateSpace formatting, or blog/website design elements (NOT coding) for 30 days after completion of the design. In that time period, you may contact me for revisions, at a fee of $15 per edit. My blog/website design elements are not to be edited or altered in any way. I am not responsible for mistakes made by the blog/website owner in attempts to edit coding.

Blog/wesbite owners absolutely DO have permission to add or edit text, gadget location, photos, and widgets in the footer and sidebar!

For blog/website designs, you MUST back up your original design before we begin the design process. I cannot be responsible for elements lost in the process of creating your new design. Please contact your host if you need assistance backing up your site. I do not do site backups.

I accept PayPal only at this time. If you are not familiar with PayPal, please email me and I can send you an invoice for your total.

In order to be placed on my wait list for blog designs/websites or CreateSpace formatting, I do require a deposit. (Deposit amount depends on what service I am providing). This is to ensure that I’m only reserving time for serious clients who do intend on working with me on a design project.

For scheduling blog & website designs or CreateSpace formatting, it is a strictly first come, first served basis. If I email you a tentative date and you do not put down a deposit before someone else does, that date becomes theirs and you will move to the next available time.

For scheduling other services, please send me an email through my contact form. Since my other services do not seem to take as much time as a blog/web design or CreateSpace formatting, I could probably put you on my calendar within a few days. However, no promises.

I ask that you please treat me with the same respect that you would expect to be treated. Please remember that I am a person; I reserve the right to refuse to work with you if you don’t interact with me in a way that conveys respect, and that you may not be issued a refund at that point, even if services have not been fully rendered.

I want to state that I cannot guarantee that I will be able to do everything you may desire for a web design, but be sure that I will do everything I possibly can to try to make it happen.

Also, you are hiring me for a website design, not SEO. Sometimes when you redesign your website, your pageviews do drop. I am not responsible for any loss of pageviews.